Vital Plan Sublingual Melatonin


Peppermint flavored sublingual for optimal initiation of normal sleep patterns. It initiates the changes that shift the brain towards a cycle of sleep.



Brand: Vital Plan Рan innovative health and wellness company committed to creating top quality, all-natural supplements and providing safe, effective weight loss programs.

Amount: 60 Capsules

Details:¬†After the sleep-cycle begins, melatonin levels gradually decrease and other neurotransmitters take over to maintain sleep. Natural production of melatonin is induced by darkness. Altered sleep cycles associated with artificial lighting are a significant factor contributing to insomnia. Melatonin provides help falling asleep naturally. It is also effective for restoring normal sleep patterns and also for “resetting your clock” in association with jet lag. Caution: Melatonin carries no risk of tolerance. It can be used with natural herbal therapy to restore sleep. Melatonin should not be taken by pregnant/breastfeeding women, children under age 10, or patients with depression or other medical conditions (unless directed by a health care provider). Suggested use: Take 1 tablet placed under the tongue at bedtime until dissolved. The dose can be repeated (up to 5 mg total within 24 hours) as needed during the night. Sublingual dosing (under the tongue) more closely mimics the body’s natural sleep rhythm and is less associated with side effects than oral dosing.