PAP-NAP Studies in Raleigh, Durham, Cary & Surrounding Areas

A PAP-NAP study uses a traditional positive airway pressure (PAP) apparatus in conjunction with a daytime nap to help diagnose and treat sleep apnea and other associated disorders, and to help patients struggling or failing with current CPAP therapy. Following a pre-test questionnaire, we will set up patients in a soothing, private sleeping environment.

Over the course of several hours, our sleep professionals will monitor your sleeping patterns during an extended nap, using cario-respiratory monitoring to assess current therapy and troubleshoot any problems acclimating to treatment. We will also focus on other factors that may be influencing your sleep, including sleeping environment, psychological factors and more.

Wake Sleep will work with you to identify any physical, mental and emotional barriers during sleep, and evaluate how PAP therapy can help treat these symptoms. We want to be sure our clients have the best sleep possible — finding a way for you to fall asleep comfortably with a PAP mask on will help make this treatment successful.

Who Can Benefit from PAP-NAP Therapy from Wake Sleep Center

While PAP-NAP therapy is most frequently used to treat sleep apnea, other patients can benefit from the increased airflow during sleep provided by this type of treatment. PAP therapy can be intimidating, but with the ability to be monitored during a PAP-NAP session, we can relieve the anxiety associated with this type of treatment.

Some patients who can benefit most from a PAP-NAP session include:

  • Patients who have tried PAP therapy unsuccessfully
  • Individuals with increased anxiety or claustrophobia
  • Those who have difficulty articulating their sleeping discomforts
  • Patients with other sleeping disorders such as nightmares, insomnia and more

If you believe our PAP-NAP studies may benefit you or a loved one, or would simply like to learn a bit more about the procedure, feel free to contact us for more information.