Home Sleep Studies

Home Sleep Studies

Participate in Wake Sleep’s home sleep studies for diagnosis and treatment of major sleeping disorders. Learn More

CPAP/Sleep Apnea

Cpap/Sleep Apnea

Treat your sleep apnea with a  CPAP sleep device offering effective relief from this sleeping disorder. Learn More

PAP/NAP Studies

PAP/NAP Studies

At Wake Sleep, testing with positive airway pressure (PAP) and daytime nap will help with the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Learn More

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Learn about treatment and diagnosis options for common sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia and more. Learn More

Meet Our NC Sleep Specialist

Meet Our NC Sleep Specialist

Meet our physicians Singar Jagadeesan, MD & Jonathan Flescher, MD.  Learn More

Wake Sleep Center: Your Resource For Sleeping Disorders in Raleigh, Durham & Beyond

Wake Sleep is a specialty medical practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. If you feel like you haven’t been sleeping well, or know someone who has trouble sleeping, Wake Sleep is here to help. From simple snoring problems, to more serious issues like sleep apnea, Wake Sleep is your resource for dealing with sleep disorders in the Raleigh and Cary area.


Wake Sleep is accredited with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and our great staff physicians are committed to providing the highest level of care.

Wake Sleep is not simply a sleep laboratory; we are a full-service sleep diagnostic and treatment center in Raleigh, NC. We strive to consistently deliver high-quality care with competence, respect and compassion. From our outstanding home sleep studies to CPAP treatment for sleep apnea, Wake Sleep is here to help you find a solution to your sleep problems. Wake Sleep is also proud to carry Sigvaris compression hosiery to help keep you comfortable during the daytime. Let our compression stockings help your tired, achy legs feel healthy again!

About Sleep Disorders – Insomnia, Sleep Apnea & More

Sleep disorders are a medical issue that should not be taken lightly. A staggering 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. If left untreated, sleeping disorders can result in physical, mental, emotional and even relationship distress. Some common sleep disorders include:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Snoring
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless Leg Syndrome

While these disorders can be frightening, know that Wake Sleep is an expert in identifying and diagnosing these disorders. If you need help sleeping in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary and greater Triangle area, contact us today to find out how we can help you!

What Our Clients Are Saying!

"After suspecting that I had a sleep apnea, my internist referred me to Wake Sleep for a sleep study. Although I agreed to go through with the study, I sat in his office and swore that I was not going to wear any kind of sleep mask on a nightly basis. I wore a mask during the sleep study and to my amazement, felt pretty good when the technician awakened me the following day at 6 AM, 2-3 hours earlier than my usual time. I continued to feel better than usual, more alert, throughout the rest of the day...The moral of my story is don't knock it till you've tried it. I've certainly felt better and have been easier to deal (says my husband) since using the CPAP machine and mask."

- Cheryl H. - Raleigh, NC